Install MPD

MPD stands for Music Player Daemon and once I discovered it I was hooked. This program can turn your RPi into a cloud-like music host. The possibilities are acutally endless, MPD is controllable through a socket.

Here are some steps to install it:

make sure alsa-tools are available:

sudo apt-get install alsa-utils

Install MPD:

sudo apt-get install mpd

Set configuration options:

sudo nano /etc/mpd.conf

Change the following lines:

music_directory “<path to your music directory>”
bind_to_address “any”
audio_output {
device “hw:1,0″ # optional usb output. Keep 0,0 if using the Pi audio
mixer_type “software”

If you have a doubt about your card number, use the aplay -l command to list the cards. The internal audio is bcm2835.

Restart mpd:

sudo service mpd restart

Here are some clients which let you control MPD:
or here for IOS, Android, OSX, linux and Windows:

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